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No.36, North East Third Ring Road Chaoyang District, Beijing Subway line ten get off at Hujialou Station exit C1.

朝阳区东三环北路36号。 地铁10号线呼家楼站C1口出南走20米即是。

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Chaoyang Theater -- Theatre stage private


"Watch Acrobatics to chaoyang theatre" the brand objectives proposed by the Beijing Chaoyang Theater is gradually from concept to reality - since July 8, 2011 in Suining, Sichuan Acrobatic Troupe again stationed in the Chaoyang Theater, the launch day, the two performances, including "jujitsu", "diamond ring", "high chair upside down", "kicking umbrella", "Double skills", "top bowl", "kicking the ball", "hat", "shoulders ballet", "thong", "driving skills", "Speed" program, using the the fashion youth music thrills skills and magnificent choreography, fully demonstrated the artistic charm of traditional Chinese acrobatics culture, by the major travel agencies, tour guides, and the audience unanimously praise. Compared to the previous low tide miserable attendance of only 20 people in the entire theater, Chaoyang Theater now in Suining Acrobatic Troupe stationed most significant change is the attendance has improved significantly, the field regiment achieve win-win cooperation.

Domestic private performance troupe generally faced with the bottleneck of the development background, Suining Acrobatic Troupe since its inception in 1988, in a short span of 24 years, will a only 10 more than people "Grass Stage team" gradual development to become a has 100 professional cast and crew, has visited the United States, France, Japan, Norway, Thailand, India, Canada, Korea, Indonesia, the Netherlands and other countries as well as China's Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, in domestic and international award-winning, high international reputation, first-class large circus. They passed a way how? A small place Acrobatic Troupe, that we should be able to shine on the international stage, What is the secret of its success? Through interviews with reporters, trying to sum up experience through their development path, and provides some useful lessons for the development of the domestic private performance troupe.

"Troupes" to the big stage to enter the market

The 1970s, in a remote village, Suining County, South Jiangzhen an open Yuanba, from time to time came the sound of crying and warned. Who endure to be guided only ground to work on, the road will have to make a living! "Tong Shou are led by a folk acrobatics Tong Fei, his three children, Tong Xiaohong, child soldiers siblings are Exercise the family's acrobatic skills. Stretching, jumping, training force ... and Although very rudimentary props, but three childlike face was filled with a serious and focused. 39 winter training and summer training dog day, sweat hard solid basic skills and excellent acting skills.

In 1976, after years of training, groping, Tong Shou are three sons and daughters-based, founded from the child's home Acrobatic Troupe. Rural places in such as in Suining, pengxi, shehong, Anyue and schools during the show, the circus performances quickly by the audience. In those days, the child's home village to village in the folk high reputation. Tong Fei said proudly: "when we a banner year in the township performances there are more than 300 surface." But also the youngster keep all surprise, Tong Fei, who just turned 10-year-old eldest son who, not only showed amazing acrobatics talent more prominent obsession with his acrobatic training and a sense of spirit.

In 1985, the circus came to Lezhi. Admitted to the hospital due to the long-term performance of the fatigue and overload, Tong Fei suffering from acute intestinal obstruction. The intestinal resection 1.7 m in the hospital, was discharged only a few days Tong Fei got into the stage. In 1990, Tong Fei was found suffering from leiomyosarcoma disease, doctors told him the cancer, Tong Feijian held performances, his condition suddenly worsened, Acrobatic Troupe therefore forced to return to the Suining. In the process of healing, Tong Fei always adhere to the training, adhere to the performances, "I is Siyeyaosi the stage!" It is the support of this belief, one year after Tong Fei actually miraculously recovered, again boarded their favorite stage ...

In 1988, the approval of the the Suining City Department of Cultural Affairs assessment, the child's home Acrobatic Troupe renamed Acrobatic Troupe of Suining City, Suining City officially became history's first private theater company. At this point, the travel extensively for many years but also to the young Tong Fei gradually become excellent managers in a wide vision, the emancipation of bold vision and courage, so the advanced age of the youngster keep the head of the burden of homeopathic handed his son Tong Fei shoulders. Soon Tong Fei abandoned traditional family-run management mode, active and increasingly active theatrical performances market standards loud squeezed into the stadium, win the market! "Way out!" To market to market to be effective! do group thinking, more reasonable and scientific management methods to promote the rapid development of the circus.

"We have to improve acrobatic purpose of artistic quality as squeezed into the stadium to win the market, access to the survival and development of the fundamental task!" And Tong Fei hesitate to spend lots of money to hire over the outstanding teachers in order to improve the quality of programs, the regiment guidance. 1994 in Guangzhou dragon world entertainment city before the performance, the acrobatic troupe investment more than 200,000 yuan of program modifications, additions of new props; went to the Beijing Chaoyang theater in 2002, and spend lots of money to hire a well-known director to group closed training for nine months investment of 90 million yuan packaging to create costumes, props, music, choreography and other aspects of the program and ... increase investment, deep skills the the circus program quality and artistic level has been greatly improved rapidly, but also win the market recognition.
At the same time, Tong Feijiang of the troupe internal management set practical management system in line with market institutional mechanisms; actively carry out cultural exchanges with foreign countries, establish a theater company image, expanding troupe awareness ...
The Suining acrobatics casting brilliant reputation at home and abroad
Bao Jianfeng from tempered. When a new look from the inside to the outside of Suining City Acrobatic Troupe out of Suining, out of Sichuan, the whole country, the world, the years of perseverance and indomitable spirit of hard-working, sweat and effort finally cast the Suining acrobatic art glory.

The 1990 Acrobatic Troupe of Suining City in Xinjiang, a nine-month performance, and was warmly welcomed by the troops, industrial and mining enterprises, and urban and rural areas the majority of the audience.

In 1994, the brilliant performances of Suining City Circus by the favor of the entertainment city of Guangzhou dragon world, has since signed a 3-year performance contract, Permanent Guangzhou performances.

December 19, 1999, Macau's most bustling downtown fountain plaza center full of people, beaming. Macau "return to the organizing committee" gracious invitation of the dozens of participating units brought together one of the most exciting programs dedicated to the Macao compatriots. When the Suining City Acrobatic Troupe 3 years old 10-year-old actor dancing "lion dance" are very popular, vigorous pace, flexible movements, fine props, superb skill immediately conquered the tens of thousands of Macao compatriots heart. Gorgeous colorful lights, melodious music, the highlights of the "springboard", "top ring", "jujitsu", "whip skills", "top bowl" to allow the audience amazing, won thunderous applause. The Organizing Committee of seeing this temporary decision, Suining City Acrobatic Troupe twice a special performance in the 20th, in the evening of 21, "Paiyi modeling," driving skills "," carry the pole, kicking Circle "," martial arts " "Plate Spinning", "springboard" shows once again attracted thousands of people came to watch the show was a great success.

In 2000, the Suining City Acrobatic Troupe went to Japan, a successful 11 ​​month commercial performance.
2001 Acrobatic Troupe of Suining City, the invitation of the Shanghai Circus, the first time into the Oriental Pearl Tower, and the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe perform on the same stage.

In 2002 Acrobatic Troupe of Suining City to participate in the Opening Ceremony of the Ninth National Games, was a great success.
In October 2002, the Suining City Acrobatic Troupe should be invited to the Beijing Chaoyang Theater first performed in Beijing. This was completed in 1984 and designated by the Beijing 1986 "tourism performances designated places, 2001 was named" National Cultural advanced collective ", the annual reception of the number of foreign tourists of 300,000 people, acrobatic performances based theater , Suining City Circus performances praise of Chinese and foreign audiences: "The overall level is high, good quality actor firmer foundation, rigorous style stage is a large class level Acrobatic Troupe." in the Ministry of Culture, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, China miscellaneous agreements and other relevant leaders, experts spoke highly of the same time, "Chinese culture" as its theme, "the private troupe amidst the dark horse to great lengths illustrated feature stories of the troupe.
In 2003 Acrobatic Troupe of Suining City in access performance, highly acclaimed.

2004 Acrobatic Troupe of Suining City again went to Beijing Chaoyang Theater performances and sensational. Almost sold out games in more than a month time, "top bowl", "Double skills" and a number of creative programs attracted rave audience and praise. Of Wang Shaoxiong, Luen Guang, Fan autumn the United States and other provincial and municipal leaders also made a special trip to visit condolences to his earnest hope, and the troupe.

January 2006, Suining Acrobatic Troupe signed with Eastern Europe more than the United States, Virginia acrobatic performance contract year, creating a whole regiment of Suining City to take the country to perform the first of its kind ...
Has nearly a hundred more than the cast and crew after 24 years of arduous pioneering, once only more than 10 people "troupes", has now developed into a thousand million yuan in fixed assets, year-round business in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities large performances Acrobatic Troupe. And has visited the United States, France, Japan, Canada, Russia and other countries and regions, the award-winning experience in the international and domestic performers not only won a significant economic and social benefits, and more has contributed to the promotion of Chinese traditional folk art!
Focus on the humane care and strengthening techniques combined
Tong Fei and his Suining Acrobatic Troupe the private troupe generally complain about the lack of money, lack of people, lack of drama unsustainable, but against the spirit of self-reliance, towards the domestic first-class troupe steadily forward. At the same time, after a few years of hard work when the majority of private domestic Theatre bosses generally that car buy a house, Tong Fei was first bought a house for each of the troupe older employees, and much-needed funds and rehearsal of new plays when, without hesitation, will sell its own cars.

Tong Fei said, the acrobat compared with other industries the most special place is that actor is eating the young rice, the golden age in those years, we had to leave the stage to find a new job. The concept of humane care, child fly each of the young actors in their own group caring, not only to solve their accommodation problems for each actor to buy pension insurance, medical insurance, etc. to solve their worries. Therefore, there have been other troupe highly paid to Suining Acrobatic Troupe winkle, however, they are nothing but Not surprisingly refused this very serious brain drain for private performance troupe, in fact, rare.
Bring human care is hard training and the performances of the actors, Tong Fei Wei skills On the "masters of acrobatics, under the leadership of the actor's acrobatic skills also reached a pinnacle, so the the Tong Tong Jiajun fly" at home and abroad Not surprisingly constantly winning.

In October 2005, a special gift came from distant France: the Stage Fire "was held in Paris, France International Acrobatic Competition on, Suining Circus participating program" Top bowl "Jiyaqunfang the winning contest "Silver" and "Paris City Hall Award."
Then 12 to 16 October, the International Acrobatic Competition Stage Fire was held in Paris, France, in 11 countries, including China, the top team gathered here. This event was founded in 1997, the International Acrobatic Competition highest specifications, the greatest impact, one of the most authoritative Class A tournament, which requires participating actors must not only have a world-class level of skills, but must also have a superb Stage performing arts ability.

Beautifully ornate stage effects, rare novel highly difficult skills, confidence and unrestrained passion performances ... applause, judges invariably gives high marks - "top bowl" stand out, winning the contest "Silver" and "City of Paris Government Award. " Double Skills "program in January 2008 in Paris, France to participate in the twenty-ninth" World Tomorrow Acrobatics Festival competition gold medal; Double Skills "program in April 2008 to participate in the Second National Acrobatic Competition micrantha Award gold medal; 2011 years "Double skills" program to participate in the the Russian Fifth World Circus Festival game was acrobatics highest bonus award.

The boutique is to open up the market highlights and selling points
From its earliest days, Suining Acrobatic Troupe will go on the road to open up foreign markets, running in Xinjiang, Guizhou, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai ...... Suining Acrobatic Troupe began not satisfied with only the success of the "tricks" on, they began to traditional acrobatics with music, choreography, clothing and other comprehensive packaging. Tong Fei, often have to spend millions of dollars to build a repertoire.

Because of its advanced concept, Suining Acrobatic Troupe at the time and even become the object of the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe of this large group learning. And Suining Acrobatic Troupe also with the continuous development of more and more in the halo cover their heads. Made great reputation on the outside, however, Tong Fei hearts also have frustration: "Suining travel almost zero, Acrobatic Troupe in Suining in performances, it is very difficult to earn a living, however, my hometown in Suining I have been thought to contribute to the hometown. "

2008, Suining create national outstanding tourist city successfully, to Suining to travel more and more tourists. The Suining build own musicals purpose time has matured. When the Suining Acrobatic Troupe notified Suining participate in Suining the local acrobatic musicals the choreography, Tong Fei heart full of expectation. Invitation to perform in Germany, Tong Fei refused; invitation to tour South America, Tong Fei refused ... Tong Feicheng by the pressure is enormous: the impact of the international financial crisis on our Circus funds are invested to build programs go, but to retain talent, must be provided to the satisfaction of treatment, and give up abroad is to give up the opportunity to make money. "back Suining participation acrobatics drama" Goddess of Mercy "choreography Tong Fei own cars sold.

Tong Fei hometown contribute no regrets: "over the past 20 years, I went to a lot of our cities, I think in terms of the natural environment, Suining is the most beautiful I believe Suining city Sichuan tourism can do Province-class. "
Repertory choreography for "Goddess of Mercy", Tong Fei circus, the entire repertoire full of confidence. He said that in January, the program will be able to choreography end, he believed that to become a first-class domestic repertoire. Reporting performance in Suining, Suining Acrobatic Troupe will once again return to Beijing: "I hope this program can be brought to Beijing, our Suining" Goddess of Mercy ", Suining Guanyin Cultural bring, so that more people know about us Suining, to travel to our Suining.
The market for over 20 years, the the Suining Circus Ticket price experienced a few dollars a one, dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars a step-by-step toward Beijing and the international arena. Tong Fei knowledge, art groups only to create fine programs in order to win the performance market, only the skills of the program is good, good choreography and good performance, the market can be optimistic about. Fine programs occupation performance market of acrobatics terms, its core skills, only by virtue of certain difficult skills to make the audience feel the shock, the show was worth seeing. Innovative techniques is quite difficult, and program innovation more difficult. "Over the years, Suining Acrobatic Troupe according to the actor's own conditions, according to each person's individual ability of the innovation and development of the program plan to be deployed, the skill level of Suining Acrobatic Troupe part of the program has reached a high level in the world. Suining Acrobatic Troupe adhere seriously needed to train traditional program based on efforts to increase the difficulty of the skills of each program, and always adhere to our performances each program, there are a few tips highlight of the combination of these highlights the features of each program, these characteristics "dazzling performance market is a selling point." Tong Fei said.
The Suining Acrobatic Troupe not only great importance to the skills of the individual programs, more emphasis on choreography and composition of the entire evening. A program should be the highlight of a party, and more importantly, the several performances climax. If you a acrobatic show did not get the applause from the audience, then this party is a problem, because did not get the audience recognition, natural difficult market. With the performances of the expansion and development of the market, the more colorful cultural life needs of the audience, the performances of the various arts disciplines contests on stage, the audience has improved continuously, from a single aesthetic into a comprehensive aesthetic - watch the show, not just the well cast, but also the good lighting, choreography, costume, music, and other details, which also put forward higher requirements for acrobatic purposes choreography and performances. Times as acrobatics human must constantly strive to meet the audience this requirement, in order to win the favor of the market.
2002, Suining Acrobatic Troupe stationed in the Chaoyang theater performances, after three consecutive years, Suining Acrobatic Troupe every year at the Chaoyang Theater performed a schedule by one month, two months, two and a half months, until the increase from 2006 to 2007 during year 11 months show schedule. To this end, Suining Acrobatic Troupe choreography specially created "Longwei, which is tailored for Beijing's tourism performance market. According to Tong Fei, show a total investment of nearly 400 million, are under a lot of effort in all aspects of integrated arts, also invited a high level directed. This acrobatic theme party is a departure from the audience's perspective aesthetic innovations of successful creative experience, party in Chaoyang Theater performances with great success, and highly evaluated by the travel agencies, also warmly welcomed by the foreign audience. The Chaoyang Theatre staff even believe that this is the situation of the market, the market sold the theater run 20 years a rare off-season performances.
Acrobatic drama "amazing · Datang to Shengshihuaxia"
2011 Acrobatic Troupe of Suining City investment to build a large-scale acrobatic show "amazing · Datang, the party creative theme freeze in the word" scared "brilliant", trying to let people in a thrilling preposterous acrobatics the next series of the show, giving the most intense and profound artistic experience, whether it is the planning of the program content, market strategy thinking, we can see that the pursuit of Chinese acrobatics for timeless cultural heritage and artistic exploration - Sheng Tang period, the cultural essence of the first people to create, through the generations of Chinese sub Sun Chuancheng continues to this day, the in increasingly colorful contemporary arena, time and time again is presented in front of audiences around the world.
Acrobatic drama "amazing · Datang perspective is the life course of acrobatics has a long history of traditional arts, with the changing of the music, choreography, lighting, a brilliant, brilliant panorama spread out," kicking Tong Fei said, before proceed with the creation of "stunning · Datang, Suining Acrobatic Troupe has done very umbrella", "Plate Spinning", "top bowl", "driving skills", "Double skills", "diamond ring" ...... meticulous market research, acrobatic performances can not simply focus on the packaging but have to pay attention to the skills and difficulty, an acrobatic show no good acrobatic show, very difficult playing a fine evening.
Amazing · Datang program production, Tong Fei Suining Acrobatic Troupe has won various awards at home and abroad "Double skills", "top bowl", "Plate Spinning" programs throughout the evening, new combination blend constitutes the stage of a neo-classical style, shows the openness of the Chinese culture and diversity, novelty divergent design concepts are also vividly demonstrated. Up to now, the "amazing · Datang" nearly 900 performances in Beijing.
In 2011 Acrobatic Troupe Suining several CCTV and other mainstream media appearances. "Whether we get the number of medals and aura, we are firm purpose that arts indefinitely. The Suining Acrobatic Troupe medals as the starting point of zero, the honor as a social responsibility efforts each made of fine acrobatics show, the audience walking into the theater to see a both a tradition and get real enjoyment of the arts, which is the pursuit of Suining Circus. "Tong Fei said.
According to Tong Fei, Suining Acrobatic Troupe is to build a large-scale acrobatic show "Shengshihuaxia. "Distinctive theme of this station acrobatic show, Acura Chinese historical changes as China has a long history, rich with deep historical and cultural precipitation and countless laudable theme, Suining Acrobatic Troupe will use acrobatic skills, dance, art, opera elements variety shows and other forms of performance elements of ancient Chinese art. use high-tech means to blend the traditional and the modern technique of expression, the spirit of the theme throughout each program, so that the hearts of the audience with the changing times, with China the development of the nation and the ups and downs, so immersive art experience. "
Great cultural development and prosperity in the context of the times, Tong Fei are constantly seeking partners to seek new breakthrough in Suining Acrobatic Troupe. According to Tong Fei, Suining Acrobatic Troupe has been selected the the Beijing Shengshihuaxia International Cultural Industry Company cooperation, the establishment of the new company of the Group this year. "After the establishment of the Group, Suining Acrobatic Troupe is still primarily responsible for production acrobatic purpose, will also get a reasonable use of the Beijing International Cultural Industry Shengshihuaxia resources, to carry out the promotion of the the new acrobatics project scenic." By then, the team of the circus performances in Suining The scale will be expanded to two teams about 5 Detachment 400, trying to achieve an annual income of 50 million yuan.
Prior to the circus every time winning a new beginners, once this year's expansion plans, but also Zhezhi after the reform and opening up one of the the domestic oldest private Acrobatic Troupe of new breakthroughs as Tong Fei said. CHAMC, Tong Fei and his Suining Acrobatic Troupe, on the basis of traditional Chinese acrobatic arts stick, along with the times, moving towards the world's top circus.




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