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No.36, North East Third Ring Road Chaoyang District, Beijing Subway line ten get off at Hujialou Station exit C1.

朝阳区东三环北路36号。 地铁10号线呼家楼站C1口出南走20米即是。

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Fourteenth Wuqiao International Acrobatics Art Festival held this month


October 10 , the reporter learned from the Ministry of Culture by the Department and co-sponsored by the Hebei provincial government , the municipal government of Shijiazhuang , Hebei Province Department of Culture hosted the 14th China Wuqiao International Acrobatic Art Festival will be held October 26 to November 3 in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, will be held November 8 to 10 will be held in Changzhou City, the venue acrobatic activities .

Wuqiao International Acrobatics Art Festival is approved by the State Council of China acrobatic art history longest, largest and highest national international arts events and cultural festivals , known as one of the world's three acrobatic . Since founded in 1987 has been successfully held 13 sessions , held every two years .

Acrobatics Festival in the country this year is thoroughly implement the party's 18 spirit of the party to carry out extensive mass line educational practice activities organized under the new situation , the Ministry of Culture under the careful guidance of Hebei provincial government to seriously implement the central five departments required to run this as an acrobatic style of work on improving the implementation of the central and close ties with the masses of the eight important measure prescribed as to carry out the Party 's mass line educational practice , remediation four winds of the important starting point, insist frugal , pragmatic, innovative principles do section , in accordance with the Ministry of Culture and the Hebei provincial government approved the overall plan , the 14th China Wuqiao International Acrobatics Art Festival is scheduled for October 26, 2013

This Acrobatics main activities include: Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony , International Acrobatic Competition performances, closing ceremony and award show, Huimin special performance , community outreach series of performances , circus big tent Huimin performances, international circus festival industry and Forum urban development Summit , the International Business performance cum acrobatics acrobatic magic industry trade fairs and events such as the nine Cangzhou venue entry . There will be Germany, Hungary , Belgium, France, Brazil , Ukraine, Russia , the United States , Argentina, Cuba, Colombia , Peru, Mexico, Vietnam , Mongolia , Ethiopia , North Korea and China, the China Taiwan and other 19 countries and regions, 30 programs ( including exhibitions program 2 ) to participate in performances . Among them, from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, there are five programs . Program participants represent the world -class level and the acrobatic art innovations . Wuqiao Acrobatics Festival as an old friend , the famous Taiwan magician Liu Qian will lead the team at this Acrobatics Festival closing ceremony friendship charity . China Federation Vice- President of the Association acrobatics edge hair Kyrgyzstan will chair the Jury .

It is understood that the current Acrobatics Festival will implement the central authorities on the improvement of work style, and close ties with the masses eight requirements , adhere to thrifty section . Does not hold a special opening night , after a brief opening ceremony of the first show of acrobatic directly . Performances by award-winning program for closing . Acrobatics Festival opening and closing performances and competitions , performances are simplified choreography set , sought to highlight the art itself , in the plain in a wonderful , remarkable in the simplicity of the level .

Acrobatics Festival this year will compress cut down funds for efforts to increase the benefit performances , truly acrobatic into " the masses of the festival ." Since Acrobatics Festival " one hundred days countdown " began, in the provincial capital Shijiazhuang and Cangzhou Wuqiao other places, launched a series of acrobatic performances Huimin , so low fares , every day speech . The organizing committee will arrange Hebei Acrobatic Troupe Performing Arts Co., Acrobatics Festival held at the children's drama before a successive low fares Huimin acrobatic performances, arrangements , etc. Cangzhou Acrobatic acrobatic art into the campus , into the community and other public performances for the masses to provide more knowledge and understanding of acrobatic art opportunities. Acrobatics Festival period, with government subsidies, in the form of low fares performances held widely loved by the masses big tent circus performances, Huimin special performance , and introduced acrobatic into squares, shopping malls , communities, schools , rural areas, construction sites and other acrobatics Festival public performances form , to maximize convenience for the masses , so that more people enjoy the world-class acrobatic art . Acrobatics Festival held during the main venue , a variety of Huimin , public performances will reach more than 40 games .

A comprehensive summary of the current Acrobatics Festival , in-depth analysis on the basis of previous experience acrobatic , further innovation acrobatic development of ideas, greater use of market-based instruments to promote industrial development acrobatic acrobatics to lead efforts to achieve Acrobatics by a single cultural brand to culture and industry across the depth of integration . Acrobatics Festival for the first time this year the introduction of market mechanisms operators , through the standard tender procedures selected markets throughout North carriers . Acrobatics Acrobatics Festival will be held during the focus of industrial development Eighth International Circus forums, and international commercial performance acrobatics acrobatic magic industry trade fair cum . There will be plans to implement acrobatic derivatives development plan focused on the introduction mascot " Zhuangzhuang " series of derivative products. Cangzhou Acrobatics Festival held at the venue will also use the machine, give full play to the role of acrobatic platform to organize Changzhou Investment Environment and Chamber of Commerce and China will promote cooperation projects ( Changzhou ) pipeline equipment cum corrosion insulation technology exchange and product trade fairs two activity . These projects will effectively promote economic and trade activities and the economic and social life acrobatic depth of integration, contributes to cultural brand power of urban construction and economic and social development, and to create never -ending " Acrobatics Festival ."




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