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No.36, North East Third Ring Road Chaoyang District, Beijing Subway line ten get off at Hujialou Station exit C1.

朝阳区东三环北路36号。 地铁10号线呼家楼站C1口出南走20米即是。

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every day 17:15 and 19:15 。

Chinese Kung Fu Show

Red Theatre


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The origins and characteristics of Chinese acrobatics


Chinese acrobatic art is one of the oldest performing arts around time in the Neolithic era, already sprouting, hunting of labor skills and self-defense to create offense and defense martial art and extraordinary physical rest and entertainment, bringing back to their hunting and the victory cheerful, self-entertainment games, a craft show, which formed the first acrobatic art. The acrobatics academia earliest programs 'boomerang'. It is made of hardwood chips cut cruciform hunting equipment, the primitive tribal hunters used this rotation forward weapons to combat wild animals and birds. Constantly thrown in, they found a different cross under the influence of the wind, the roundabout 'come and go', so the 'boomerang' performances became the primitive tribal clan gathering project. The acrobatic art in many forms, include several similar 'fork' and 'playing jar' labor and living utensils juggle. 'Miscellaneous' become its overall characteristics, and therefore 'acrobatics' names in the long history of the Amoy cut in finalized.

A. Emphasis on the waist and legs top power training, Chinese acrobats, performing the ancient color tricks actor must have a solid foundation of martial arts, which means the so-called 'text of the play Wu live' this. Waist and legs and basic skills training has become the basis of the Chinese acrobatic art.

II. The insurance Qiuwen motion seeking quiet, calm, clever, precise technique and tempered hard effort. Such as 'walking a tightrope', 'Akira board', 'Akira ladder'.

III. Flat ANGEL superb gimmicky, scratch, shows the creative power of the human. Ancient color tricks "the actor only a robe, a thin single, ordinary, plain, no CLS was able to conjure up the strange things, from 18 size banquet dishes to the live fish, live birds, fish tank, brazier , dexterity and superb acting universally amazing.

IV. The severity of both the psychic income of hard and soft martial arts complement each other, such as 'kicking skills', actor lying on a special stage, with both feet to pedal, kicking things can be described as all-encompassing, color cylinders, tanks, square table , blankets, umbrella, also has a large living on a hundred pounds. Kicking objects the whirling or Tengyue freely, I saw the shadow but not the physical form.

V. Superhuman strength and nimble and dexterous somersault skills combined traditional "pyramid" pull hard Bow "," playing off the knife "is the size of the martial arts", jiu-jitsu and hard power, strength and skill are seamlessly integrated.

Six. Extensive use of the life of appliances, instruments of labor as a prop, rich flavor of life, bowls, plates, altar, rope, whip, fork, poles, ladders, tables, chairs, umbrellas, hats, and other ordinary utensils in the hands of the acrobats, changing stricken Chinese acrobatics and close working life.

VII. Ancient arts and crafts, and the combination of the physical skills, 'playing a jar', 'dial' in that description dragon painting phoenix flower beds, color disc, 'kicking skills' the umbrella gives people the beauty of traditional crafts.

VIII. Order of the ancient record today, get rid of many programs spread for thousands of years, with the development of the times to add new color concept of both fresh and people the nostalgia of Masaoki Tai Sang.

IX. Great adaptability to the form of a performance, workplace diversity, squares, theaters, streets, rooms, up to a hundred grand, small impromptu Performances to one field, it is this infinite adaptability makes acrobatic art after thousands robbery while still exist.

Ten. Closely modeled after the traditional Chinese acrobatics, and a close relationship with the sister art, and retain their position in religion, folk activities, acrobats pay attention 'rather help a gold, not to vent a little spring' master taught the skills to never easily granted, the so-called starved to death do not sell 'Siemens' which means this. Many acrobatic body movements borrowed from dance, drama, and excellent long-complementarity.





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