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No.36, North East Third Ring Road Chaoyang District, Beijing Subway line ten get off at Hujialou Station exit C1.

朝阳区东三环北路36号。 地铁10号线呼家楼站C1口出南走20米即是。

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every day 17:15 and 19:15 。

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"Acrobatics Queen" Xia Juhua Chinese acrobatic arts will spread around the world


Xia Juhua

Famous acrobatics artist. 6-year-old Arts and the stage. 1957 joined the Chinese Communist Party. Former Wuhan Acrobatic Troupe actors, Wuhan City Department of Cultural Affairs, Deputy Secretary, Secretary, Chinese Acrobats Association first and second Chairman, China Federation of the fourth member of the Fifth Vice-Chairman. 1975 by the National Women's Federation title. In 1985 graduated from Jianghan University. Incumbent Vice-China Federation of Literature, Chinese Acrobats Association chairman, executive director of the China International Cultural Exchange Center, Hubei Acrobats Association honorary chairman.

Several sessions as President of the Association of Chinese acrobatics, summer chrysanthemum own experience, is wandering village folk acrobatic tricks by the development of a new China a vibrant arts and witness the epitome of this process, as a second home in Wuhan summer daisy , also witnessed her by an old Chinese acrobats to the new China's "acrobatics Queen" of glorious history, she was involved in creating the international acrobatic acrobatics hall, is to make the world-famous card of Wuhan.

October 1937, Daisy was born in Anhui hill summer a peasant family, her father named Xu made money, the interesting name with his support of the four walls of the home happens to be a subtle irony. The war he took his teenage daughter to a circus do porters, clever little girl was the boss fancy, received as a daughter, teach skills, owner surnamed Xia, to the lakes changed the rules to give her surname, Mingjiao Xia chrysanthemum . The name was also Comrade Li Xiannian jokes before. 1959 Han River Danjiangkou closure, summer chrysanthemum just come back from abroad, when he was governor Zhang Tixue on the podium will be introduced to the Xiannian summer daisy Deputy Prime Minister said: "This is the summer daisy." Xiannian shook his head and said: "No , no. "he kept saying no, summer chrysanthemums are shocked. Later he said: "Where there is summer daisy, chrysanthemum only fall there!"

Summer after summer home to Daisy, as the summer home team from Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, all the way down. Young and weak summer daisy apprenticeship under the whip and reproach, was forced to perform some acrobatics barbaric cruelty boring programs, such as "hanging braids": Her hair was tied to a rope hanging on the thin body swinging in the air. A play "climb the ladder," she feet high from the top of the ladder planted down on the spot broken collarbone, almost given away their lives. In 1949, in Changsha, coincides with the liberation. Summer Daisy impressed she was eleven years old, singing "liberated the day is bright day ......" came to Wuhan.

At first she lived in Wuchang Xu shed there, inside the horse troupe, to July 1951, participated in the work, after 60 years, the summer chrysanthemums are grown in Wuhan, spent. 2006, opened eight Wendaihui, finally there is a gathering in the Great Hall, President Hu Jintao shook hands, asked Summer Daisy: "You are now in Beijing, or in Wuhan?" Summer Daisy said: "I am in Wuhan." Hu said: "You are not accustomed to live in Wuhan, ah." Summer Daisy said: "Yes." She has been deeply rooted in Wuhan, central tried several times to call her to go to Beijing, Summer Daisy did not go.
With superhuman talent and hard work, summer chrysanthemum grown into an excellent acrobatics artist. 1952, when the Soviet State Circus visit China. Russian female acrobats performing "Diao flower" deeply attracted summer daisy. She is determined to put this stunt Xue Daoshou. Finally after a year, she performed on stage "jujitsu bite flower", from blockbuster. Soon, summer daisy delegation to the Korean War, sympathy volunteer soldiers. 1956, summer chrysanthemum and casual Chinese art troupe visited Western Europe. In Marx wrote "The Communist Manifesto" in London, summer daisy solemnly troupe temporary branch submitted an application to join the party.

Summer Chrysanthemum with their own advantages, the main "Bowl." Hands from the top to the top with one hand, from a single to a double single delphinium Button, then the title of the water and from the top to the kidnapper turn the top, and finally by foot to the development of an inverted bowl clamp type soft top. This new technique, breaking the top bowl tradition has always been fixed on the head, expanding multi-site performance of the human body functions. In 1957, she took her original "Bowls" program participated in the Sixth World Youth Festival in Moscow Acrobatics Competition for the new China won the first gold medal acrobatic purposes. Thereafter, summer chrysanthemum "top bowl" and other programs, by the Beijing Film Studio made into art film "Chunyan wings" in the country show. She successively went to France, Italy, Sweden, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Europe, Asia, America more than 50 countries, access is performed. Many heads of state awarded her the "Medal of Arts", "parliament medal." Her program jujitsu and top bowl miscellaneous altar rocked the world, has won a worldwide reputation, she is considered to be the "top bowl Queen" and "miscellaneous altar angel." Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou Enlai has met her. Premier Zhou warned her: "When good an actor, you want to have a good five passes, family relationships, social relationships, work related, honor related, living off." In 1966, when he was party secretary of Renzhong, writing for the summer chrysanthemum of "a red flower," a text, creating a sensation.

October 1979, in the text on behalf of the Third National Conference, summer chrysanthemum and a group of artists made up the China Acrobats Association wishes. This initiative excited over acrobatics workers, also received thousands of miles, Xi, Wang Renzhong other central leaders for their support. In 1981, China Acrobats Association proclaimed, summer daisy elected chairman. 1988, summer chrysanthemum elected executive vice president of China Federation of Literature.

In 1992, the Office of acrobatics Jianshe Avenue, Wuhan riverbank next to a vegetable garden where they stand by President Li Xiannian entitled "Wuhan Acrobatic Hall", the whole project cost 36 million yuan, Xia Daisy said: "If until recently Such projects, perhaps several hundred million are Nabuxialai, if we do not work hard, relax a little, and perhaps this Acrobatics stay on the drawing above. "Today, Wuhan Acrobatic Hall still is the only one dedicated acrobatic performances. Beijing Shanghai and other places in the region has been in the pipeline Acrobatics, but always stop at the prospect of planning. Wuhan Acrobatics Acrobatics counterparts to many provinces envy.

Interestingly, this hard-won building, surrounded by towering modern buildings in the group, like a chrysanthemum flower buds about to bloom, a prosthetic cement white petals, contains orange flower covered, I do not know by Design 's ingenuity or coincidence, it vividly in mind whom toil under the summer daisy contained more than 10 names. Acrobatics construction attracted a biennial China Wuhan International Acrobatics Festival, summer daisy served as the director of successive Acrobatics Festival jury, each session Acrobatics Festival is excited to make her day.

See the acrobatic art has attracted so many viewers to see her have devoted a lifetime time acrobatic art of pleasing people, sitting in their own country, their city hall acrobatics as international acrobatic competition judges, this situation, fear is the year with the circus that little girl wandering to Wuhan never dreamed of.


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