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No.36, North East Third Ring Road Chaoyang District, Beijing Subway line ten get off at Hujialou Station exit C1.

朝阳区东三环北路36号。 地铁10号线呼家楼站C1口出南走20米即是。

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every day 17:15 and 19:15 。

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Chinese acrobatics conquered Brazzaville



"Speech was great, the first time I saw Chinese acrobatics, both traditional culture flavor also absorbed a lot of sports skills." "Seen the powerful Chinese martial arts, I did not expect Chinese acrobatics even more amazing, it is the strength and soft harmony. "Agoura Ruuan with little grandson told reporters excitedly describing. 19 evening, Brazzaville parliament building in waves of applause, Chinese acrobatic troupe to give the "oriental style" variety show staged here, opened the "Experience China" into the Congo (Brazzaville), a series of activities of the curtain.

Republic of Congo President Denis Sassou-Nguesso couple, deputy director of China's State Council Information Office, Wang Guoqing, Chinese Ambassador to Congo (Brazzaville) Ambassador key couple and friends from various circles in just about 700 guests watched the performance. Before the opening of the Congo (cloth) Minister of Information, a government spokesman Ao Jimi gave a warm speech. He said, just long-standing friendship between the two countries, the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries is not only the industrial, economic and trade aspects of the win-win situation, it should be social, cultural and other fields of knowing each other intersect. In the next year just to celebrate the 50th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two peoples are willing summing the traditional friendship between the two countries on the basis of comprehensive deepening of relations.

From the sound of ancient oriental slowly drift, beautiful girls dancing, as if a gateway to China is opening. Jubilant, jumping, combined with the passionate rhythms actors soulful dance, the audience in the "Oriental style" to see a new generation of Chinese people's mental outlook. Beginning of the program, around six-year-old grandfather sitting in a small Jineisidi riveted on a stage without blinking, for fear of leakage see every exciting. Tomorrow, France won the 26th International Acrobatics Festival Gold Award "Qiao Hua Dan · Collective Diabolo" won warm applause. Jin Ling wearing opera star, gracefully toss the diabolo, transform firmly caught after team-based, full valiant flirtatious gestures. "The really nice shape, they possessed the hands of the diabolo is like flying up and down wildly, these sister martial artists ah." Little Jineisidi fascinated, Nan Yi tone of admiration. "The human body in the end how soft, is considered today, I know." Taught in college Dolby Oswald was "Flow · jujitsu" and soft without bone clever actor performances deeply impressed.

"Ah, this is our song", with the "Congo, my country," the music sounded, reporter sitting beside Fidel La involuntarily hum together. This is the first Congolese people familiar songs by Chinese singer was so wonderful, this is a friend of the Chinese people a profound friendship of the Congo, rising from the parliament building in a moment of excitement and happiness.

"Collective plate spinning", "anti-kicking Umbrella", Dai dance, "Shao Chardonnay", "Teng Yun Bowl" ...... one fusion of strength and beauty, the combination of tradition and innovation, and fully demonstrates the Chinese acrobatics surprise, especially , dangerous, extraordinary.

In the performance hall, the reporter was surrounded by a group of young Congolese student, they skillfully use the Chinese sang "I love you, China" and scrambling to reporters to show their language. Ngouabi University College, a junior Alphonse said he and his classmates interested in not only Chinese, but also deeply glued to the Chinese, trying to perceive the real cultural activities in China, but would like one day to embark China's land, with their own eyes, ears and mind to share the charm of Chinese culture.


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