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No.36, North East Third Ring Road Chaoyang District, Beijing Subway line ten get off at Hujialou Station exit C1.

朝阳区东三环北路36号。 地铁10号线呼家楼站C1口出南走20米即是。

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every day 17:15 and 19:15 。

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Old Classic: acrobatics "soft wire"

Art galleries and able to contribute to drip, creators need to brave adventure, go through the arduous process of training and improvement. If the acrobatic art galleries increasingly showing flowers fragrance scene, then the Dalian Acrobatic Troupe "soft wire", it should be a flower. And cultivate the flower is Cong days.

He can wire diameter 6 mm soft to play a variety of difficult moves

"Soft wire" program is the Dalian Acrobatic Troupe boutique programs. Performers need to ground 1.5 meters, diameter of 6 mm soft wire on the show, the music, driven by a soft steel wire dancing in the dance rhythm in doing single handstand, handstand walking, overhead wire handstand, front and rear roll , ladder shape, inverted hand wheelbarrow and other difficult moves. Acrobatics "soft wire" elegant form, action adventure, with a shocking, the entire program is difficult, new, strange, beauty and taste.

His physique is not good but strong-willed, collapsed on the training pitch on several occasions

Cong days at the national level actors, "soft wire" program on behalf of performers second. Reporters visited the Dalian Acrobatic Troupe, the burst days have settled in Germany. According to the Dalian Acrobatic Troupe of relevant personnel, Cong days in 1977 from Dalian acrobatic art school class graduated, Dalian Acrobatic Troupe become an actor, he is not good physique but strong-willed, a few years after graduation to practice a "driving skills", "Double Skills "," chair shape "," soft wires "and other programs. The "soft wire" is a clump-day fame.

To be able to practice out in the soft steel wire "post-roll orders hand top", "inverted pendulum then go" as well as more difficult "high car single shoulder top" and "high vehicle Akira foot circle", Cong days collapsed on several occasions on the training pitch. Show staged after being experts considered "great initiative" and has won various awards.

If you win a prize will also be soft, Cong days have been experienced

In 1985, the "soft wire" won first prize for outstanding works of the Liaoning provincial government, Northeast Acrobatics Competition Award; 1992 Cong days performing "soft wire" in France Fifteenth International Acrobatics Festival in Paris, won the Silver Award Tomorrow , 1999, at its twenty-third International Acrobatic Competition in Monaco, won the Silver Award and Special Award. If you win a prize will also get soft, then clump day should ever have to experience.

The third is active on behalf of performers on the stage, "soft wire" to "The Nutcracker" part

Reporters interviewed through circus "soft wire" on behalf of performers pay a third swimming Bo, this guy although only 24 years old this year, but it also has a "Lo Hong Ka." He began practicing acrobatics from 4 years old, 10 years old under the tutelage of "soft wire" the first representative of the male performers yellow orange learning "soft wire" to the 11-year-old began to show that in recent years has been to Japan, South Africa, Sweden, France performances and other countries. It is worth mentioning that the day of the interview, Fu Yong Bo's head is the "hanging color", he told reporters that this is the practice of "soft wire" when the injuries, "rubs my head on the wire, and direct 8 sewing needle. "Bo told reporters the payment swimming, starting with practice on the soft wire stations and slowly developed to go, then progress to skills, such as pre-roll, Akira circle, cycling, etc., when a reporter wondered why so difficult acrobatics only one year will be able to excel, to pay bathing Bo smiled gives the answer: "They may one day practicing eight hours, and I from 8:00 to 0:00, in addition to a half-hour lunch, dinner, half an hour In addition, one day basic practice 16 hours. too many people fall by the wayside, but I persevered. "

In 2008, the Dalian Acrobatic Troupe launched a large-scale acrobatic fairy tale "The Nutcracker", this is a stage, lighting, costumes and other aspects are almost perfect repertoire, a few years has been performed around the world nearly 400 games. Swimming pay Bo and his "soft wire" as "The Nutcracker" in the important part, but also to the world, the future, he will have numerous possible.

Cong days (the second represents performers) Awards:

August 1983 was awarded the Liaoning Provincial Department of Culture, "Excellence Award"

March 1985 was awarded the Liaoning provincial government "works of Excellence Award" in November 1986 in Liaoning Province Department of Culture awarded "The Second Acrobatic Competition" Award

January 1991 won the "Third Northeast qualifiers" Best Program Award

May 1991 was awarded the "Third National Acrobatic Competition" Silver Lion, Performance Award

February 1992 won the "Fifteenth International Acrobatic Competition in Paris tomorrow" Silver

February 1992 won the "Ministry of Culture awards"

May 1992 won the "Dalian Municipal Committee of Literary and Artistic Creation" Outstanding Literary Creation Award

January 19, 1999 won the "twenty-third Monaco International Acrobatic Competition" Silver, Special Award

Swimming pay Bo (third on behalf of performers) Awards:

August 2002 "soft wire" won the Golden Lion Award for the fourth Youth Acrobatics Competition "Silver"


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