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No.36, North East Third Ring Road Chaoyang District, Beijing Subway line ten get off at Hujialou Station exit C1.

朝阳区东三环北路36号。 地铁10号线呼家楼站C1口出南走20米即是。

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every day 17:15 and 19:15 。

Chinese Kung Fu Show

Red Theatre


Full Price 180/280/380/480/680

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Chinese acrobatics characteristics

Chinese acrobatics can be summed up in nine specialty call it.

Special attention to the training of leg work top

Special attention to the top leg power training is the first feature of Chinese acrobatics. Since ancient times, Chinese acrobatics importance top success. Han Dynasty brick and wall paintings, figurines, there are many to take the image of the top and somersaults. Chinese acrobats, even performing tricks of ancient martial arts actor must have a solid foundation, the so-called "Wen Wu play live", which means this. Without a solid effort, the gown inside the card on the pounds props, but also calm ease, tumbling changed water into the fire is not acceptable.

Striving insurance, moving and seeking quiet

The second is the risk Striving, moving in seeking quiet, showing the cool, clever, precise skills and tempered hard effort. Such as "tightrope" in various thrilling performances, are required to "stability"; "Akira board", "Akira ladder" and the like, plus stool stool, people on the stack, but on top of them must be on the basis of the volatile Find flat seeking quiet, this must be a very cool head, superb skills and a thousand times got hard training combined, which shows the potential strength and balance control, the performance of the human obstacles in the fight against the spirit of transcendence.

Flat in ANGEL

The third is flat in the ANGEL. With superb gimmicky, from scratch, showing the human creative power. The artistic features of the world never scared of the "old color tricks" and was most prominent. Chinese and Western magic trick biggest difference lies in the attention to the use of sound and light magic props, countertop magnificent, Zheng light shiny, but as long as an actor robe, a thin single, ordinary and simple, there is no CLS, but this one has to change robe conjuring things from the banquet dishes to live fish, live birds of wonders. Actor gave a tumble can fire burning brass basin, and then took out a gigantic tumble, there are fish water tank.

Severity simultaneously, psychic income of soft and hard effort complements

The fourth feature is the severity of both artistic, psychic income of hard and soft martial arts complement each other. The best performance characteristics of this art is the "Kicking" program, Kicking mostly female performers, actors lying on a special party on stage to feet to tread. As for the kicking objects, almost everything from rice wine cans, color cylinder, tile bell to the table, ladders, poles, planks and hit the headlines with loud drums, etc., made of mild to silk umbrella, heavy to one hundred kilos The large living; been kicking objects, or rapid rotation, or vault with ease, from the smooth porcelain color cylinder, to bulky wooden square table child, can get twirled like kicking round, I saw the shadow seen images.

Superhuman strength and nimble dexterity skills tumble combined

The fifth is superhuman strength and nimble dexterity tumble skills combined. "Pyramid" base negative weight is amazing. Tang "contains pole" There is a person who records the top eighteen. Now in the possession Japan, as national treasures of the Tang Dynasty painting slingshot, there is an arched top six on the image. Modern's "extremely heavy burden" an old actor waved and held up four pedal pay stone bear and seven, eight actors, load up extremely heavy, the performance of superhuman strength. Traditional "pull hard bow", "playing off knife" are bearing great show.

Extensive use of the life of appliances and instruments of labor as a prop

Sixth is the extensive use of the life of appliances and instruments of labor as a prop, rich flavor of life. Bowls, plates, altar, cup, rope, whip, fork, poles, ladders, tables, chairs, umbrellas, hats, etc., these extraordinary things in the hands of Chinese acrobats, changing stricken, shows a Chinese acrobatics and working life closely related to some programs that work skills and folk games with the product. Skills such as rope, whip, etc., that pastoralists horses, coachman and children skipping art.

Ancient arts and crafts and physical skills combined

Seventh is the quaint arts and crafts and physical skill combination. "Playing jar", "Plate" and other programs to Chinese porcelain painting art and acrobatics cross dissolve together. "Kicking" in the same color single umbrella and give a traditional art of beauty.

Chinese acrobatics has great adaptability

Eighth Chinese acrobatics have great adaptability, performances, places diversification. Square, theaters, streets, rooms, up to one hundred NPC atmosphere, to a person's field of small impromptu on stage. It is this wide range of adaptability to enable them to eternal remain.

Chinese acrobatics has strict tradition of succession

The ninth Chinese acrobatics have strict tradition of succession, but also closely related with the sister arts. Chinese acrobatics has strict introversion, each craft is handed down. As well as regional, such as Wuqiao County in Hebei Province in northern China, is a famous hometown of acrobatics. Acrobats Art respect for teachers, for our ancestors passed down skills, always do everything possible to preserve, to pass along.


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