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No.36, North East Third Ring Road Chaoyang District, Beijing Subway line ten get off at Hujialou Station exit C1.

朝阳区东三环北路36号。 地铁10号线呼家楼站C1口出南走20米即是。

Acrobatic Show Time


Second 17:30--18:30

Third: 19:15--20:30

every day

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Acrobatics News

Chaoyang Theater - visiting the Great Wall · watching acrobatics · eat roast duck

Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics wonderful - World Speed

Chaoyang Theater offers free internet access

Acrobatic athletes glory for the country


Beijing Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic Show Introduction


Come watch AMAZING chinese acrobatics at chaoyang theater !


Chaoyang Theatre works mainly on the performance of acrobatic show. Established in 1984, the theatre covers an area of 3,000 sq. m, including a hall and three movie halls. In 1986 it was assigned by Beijing Municipality as the fixed place for tourism performance and was designated as the National Cultural Advanced Unit by Ministry of Culture of People’s Republic of China. In order to meet the need of tourism market, the theatre put forward a notion of “Acrobatics World” to enrich the contents. In the past 20 years or so, it has received more than three million foreign audiences and has been in charge of tens of safeguards of important people who visited there, such as the president of Czech and the officers from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Now days Chaoyang Theater have Flying Acrobatic Show every day!

The Chaoyang Theatre located to the east third ring road of Beijing, connected with CCTV tower (China Central Television new add). Advantageous geographical position, together with easy access of traffics and individualized space, makes it an important performance place to fuel the business life in Beijing. Foreign presidents and the IOC officers spoke highly of its excellent acrobatics performance. Foreigners can learn about Beijing through it. Chaoyang Theatre builds up a bridge between Chinese traditional culture and the world. It exhibits the profoundness of Chinese acrobatics to the world.


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Theatre seating
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mid row 15 - 23
RMB 280
RMB 190
mid row 1—4 vip
RMB 280
RMB 190
mid row 12—14 vip
RMB 380
RMB 260
mid row 10—11 vip
RMB 480
RMB 330
mid row 5—7 vip
RMB 680
RMB 470
mid row 8 -9 vip
RMB 880
RMB 610


Show Time: Daily(3 shows),


Second 17:30--18:30

Third: 19:15--20:30


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